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Mobile Video Workshop with ex BBC ITV reporter

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Publisher : Anna Brees

Course Language : English

"I was offered a full-time job back at the BBC but decided to turn it down, because as a truth seeking journalist I realised that now we have the technology and the platforms on which to broadcast, my new purpose in life was to mobilise many voices not just front a few" Anna Brees describing her new career as a trainer.

Anna Brees worked as a reporter and presenter for the BBC and ITV for ten years. In this first module she covers EVERYTHING you need to know to start creating professional quality video on your mobile device. 

Anna will guide you through the whole process - from filming, editing, presenting and then finally broadcasting to your chosen social media platform.

Anna will invite you to a closed Facebook group, where you can post your video for feedback and support following the course.

This course will give your video the professional lift to make it stand out. 

  • Basics of filming       

  • Editing apps – iMovie, KineMaster, Movie Maker 

  • Introduction to KineMaster (suitable for Android/iOS)   

  • Equipment   

  • First exercise - the vox pop or video testimonial     

  • Live broadcasting - Periscope and Facebook Lives   

  • Interviewing techniques   

  • Audience Retention/Analytics   

  • Tell a story   

  • Summary of learning  - save, store and publish