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A-Level Biology "Taster" Course: An intro to key concepts.

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Publisher : Frankie Barnes

Course Language : English

Please Read...

This is a quick straight to the point course, describing some key topics and features from A-Level biology. 

A Free Introduction to some key topics covered on a typical A-Level biology Course (e.g. Level 3, College level biology).

Note This course is a FREE Revision Notes Style "Taster" course. There are NO assessments / Activities. Just the Notes. Please only Rate the course as such...

In section 1 you will begin by learning the structure of a typical bacterial cell. Then we move onto virus structure and replication, taking a look at the steps involved in HIV replication. This brings us to an overview on immune system cells: T-Cells and B-cells, finishing this section of the course with the structure of a typical Antibody.

In section 2 we will begin with an overview of water - the basic structure will be covered. Then an overview of monosaccharides and disaccharides will be considered. What is the difference between reducing and non-reducing sugars, and how do we test for the presence of them? That question will be answered in the following lesson - which lays out the steps involved in "The Benedict's Test". 

Section 3 brings us to how "things" get into and out of cells. In these lessons, we'll take a look at simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion and osmosis.

In section 4 The course moves on to consider how cells divide. Beginning with an overview of how DNA is stored, and then an overview of the cell cycle and chromosome structure, and finishing off with an breakdown of mitosis and how to calculate the mitotic index.

Section 5: Insects, Leaves and Fish Gills. Here we have a quick look at gas exchange and discover how insects use their tracheal system, how plant leaves are the sites of gas exchange and finally fish gills exploit the counter current exchange mechanism to maximise gas exchange across their gills.

Section 6: In this section all the relevant A level biology Anatomy and Physiology content will be available, systems covered at A level are: The Cardiovascular system, The respiratory system, The Digestive system, The nervous system and the Muscular system. However since A level biology is NOT and A & P course it is just simple, core concepts that are required e.g. the structure of blood vessels (structural similarities and difference between arteries, veins and capillaries).

Section 7: Here we build our knowledge of biology and biochemistry. 

Section 8: Brings us to the bigger picture of biology as we begin to explore evolutionary and ecological concepts. Beginning with a brief look at phylogeny and taxonomy.

All these topics are core concepts covered here are a part of UK A-Level biology (specifically AQA exam board). However no matter where in the world you are, what exam board your are studying or if you are just learning for the fun of it - this course is a fantastic introduction to the Science of Biology. 

Perhaps you're just about to finish your GCSE's / high school equivalent biology exams and wonder, 

is A-level biology is the right course for you? 

or is A-Level biology a course you can be successful at if you're home-schooled?

Are you studying A-Level Biology (UK spec) at an international school and require some extra support?

Maybe you are currently an A-Level biology student who doesn't want to waste time and money paying for private tutors (who do exactly what I've done here in the course btw!). Or maybe you just want to learn some biology - because biology is "Amazing"! 

Then This Is The "Taster" Course for you!

PS. Please Remember that this course is only a "Taster" an introduction to some key concepts covered in A-Level Biology Courses. Its free... so, you can also access these videos and more on my YouTube channel... if you wish to purchase / Download the notes (print size A3), with knowledge check then please visit my site... and feel free subscribe and contact me there...

In the meantime, thanks for your enrolment, support, feedback and reviews! Enjoy, Frankie.