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Arsenio's American ESL Pronunciation (Phase 1)

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Publisher : Arsenio Buck

Course Language : English

Welcome to my ESL pronunciation course! I'm so grateful to have finally done this for all my ESL students who listen to my podcast around the world. Nonetheless, pronunciation is what most countries need help with.  Help being understood, not exactly inheriting another native accent.  In this phase, I will speak about the overview (available in preview) as well as go over the basics down below.

In this phase 1, you will do these....

  • Figure out what your pronunciation priorities are -- the features that will most improve your intelligibility.

  • Why you want to improve your pronunciation.

  • Set personal goals for the course and beyond.

Things you will preview.

  • Syllables and syllable stress.

  • Vowel sounds in stressed syllables.

  • The schwa sound in unstressed syllables.

  • Vowel and phonetic symbols.

This course will have five phases and this one is just the beginning.  Again, if you guys understand pre-intermediate to intermediate level English, this course is for you. If you hardly have any foundation, this could be a bit difficult. Keep that in mind.

And with that being said, you've got homework to do, videos to watch and audios that need to be submitted. Get to it!

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