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Basic Maths for Kids in Hindi & English

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Publisher : LearnFatafat .com

Course Language : Hindi

This 'Basic Maths for Kids' course is specially for Indian students. The video lessons are in Hinglish. i.e Hindi and English. So, the kids can easily understand the concept.

In this course we have covered:

Number Counting, Places, Even and Odd Numbers, Addition of One-Digit Number, Addition of Two Numbers, Addition with Carry, What Is Subtraction, Subtraction of Two Numbers, Subtraction with Borrowing, What is Multiplication, Multiplication Table, Multiplication of Two Numbers, What is Division, Long Division Method, Point, Line and Ray, Line Segment, Side and Angle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Solid Shapes, Length and Angle Measurement, Mass and Volume Measurement, Perimeter, Area, Volume...