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Economics is for Everyone

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Publisher : Wayne Davies

Course Language : English

I believe economics courses should target as broad an audience as possible. This is because economics is all around us. Our everyday lives are affected by economics. People even apply economic theory without even realising it. In fact, I believe economics courses should begin with real life examples of how we use economics in our daily lives.

This course will begin by taking you on a quick journey of a hypothetical day. The course will point out where economics is at work and where theory is being applied to make decisions. The discovery part of economics will occur during the first 5 to 6 units of this course.

The next area to be covered will be the theory. Many courses are highly theoretical. This course will focus on the theory, which I believe, is most applicable to most people. The observed use of economics will be revisited in light of what has been covered in the first part of the theory section. The theory section will continue by further shedding light on theory, which is applicable to us. The latter part of the theory section is important for us to understand the broader application of economics.

The remainder of the course will be focused on the application of economics. We will now be armed with a good theoretical background to help explain why certain decisions are made in the world. This part of the course is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on the application and the logic of that application. The second section focuses on the misuse and abuse of economics. The third section discusses how we can use our knowledge of economics to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

The course will also contain short assessments at the end of each unit (starting from Unit 3). These assessments will contain several multiple-choice questions to help you gauge your understanding of the content. The final unit will discuss the final assessment. The final assessment will contain scenario questions. These types of question put you into particular scenarios where you will be required to use the knowledge you have gained from the course to address the questions.