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Famous Teachers: Part One

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Publisher : Professor Anthony Barton

Course Language : English

Ever wanted to know the amazing ways in which famous teachers like Jesus, Hypatia, Zeno, Lao Tzu and the Buddha taught their followers? Find out in five quick lectures! You'll be amazed! You can use the methods of these five famous teachers in your own classroom. If you take this course you will achieve the following goals (1) you will be able to state the method used by Lao Tzu to amaze his students (2) you will be able to explain how the Buddha taught his students to pay attention (3) you will be able to find out why Zeno asked his students to explain their own beliefs before using their own arguments against them (4) you will be able to recount why Jesus taught with short, sharp riddles, and (5) you will be able to show how Hypatia's challenges to her students led them to a new understanding of the algebra of the marketplace. Each lecture in this course is accompanied by extensive lecture notes to help you grasp the importance of the methods described.

'Anthony Barton is a teacher, and proud of it.'  -- Edgar Z. Friedenberg