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GRE vs.GMAT: Differences between GRE & GMAT

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Publisher : eCourse Instructor Examizy 'now Exams can be Easy!'

Course Length : 39 mins

Course Language : English


Welcome to the GRE & GMAT Comparison Guide Course!

For many years business schools only accepted the GMAT, but now the GRE is also widely accepted, giving students the option of taking one test instead of the other. 

If a business school gives prospective students the option of submitting scores from both tests, admissions experts encourage applicants to still choose one.

So which one should you take? 

To find answer for your question, enroll with this course for free and discover for yourself, section by section, if GMAT or GRE suits you the best. 

Both tests are standardised. And, both are key parts of the applications for most schools. 

So, learn the difference. Let's get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who would like to learn the basic concepts of GRE and how to prepare for it!
  • No previous experience required
  • PC or Smartphone, Pen & Paper
  • And...Hunger to Learn