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Basics of Law of Contract in India

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Publisher : Saurabh Salil

Course Language : English

This course explains the law of contract (as under Indian Contract Act, 1872) in a very simple and quick way. Students spend whole year in completing the course and understanding the law. Here you will be learning about the contract law very quick. My course is definitely going to help you in your law examination or entrance tests.

Please note that Indian Contract Act, 1872 is a big Act. This course covers only the following:

a. What is an agreement?

b. Difference between agreement and contract

c. Essential Elements of a valid contract

d. What is a valid, voidable and void contract?

e. Difference between void agreement and void contract.

f. Restitution of benefit

g. Difference between unenforceable contract and Illegal contract.

h. Legal Rules for valid offer.

i. Executed and Executory contract.

j. Rules relating to lapse of offer.