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Learn Basic Surgical Skills

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Publisher : Infinity Academy

Course Language : English

The course covers three main areas:

  • Open Surgery

  • Electrosurgery

  • Endoscopic Surgery

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Understand and practise safe operating techniques, gowning and gloving.

  • Understand and practise the correct techniques for laying safe surgical knots.

  • Understand the characteristics and handling of surgical instruments.

  • Understand that careful and sound aspects of technique are more important than simple manual dexterity or speed.

  • Understand the principles of handling tissues and recognise differing requirements for differing sites (eg skin, bowel, abdominal wall, vessels and tendons).

  • Understand and practise local anaesthetic techniques.

  • Understand the principles of assessment, and primary surgical management of infected and contaminated soft tissues.