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Medical Anatomy

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Publisher : Pinak Joshi

Course Language : English

  Medical Anatomy is a dynamic online course which provides a low-cost and comprehensive exploration of the human body and all of its parts. This course is taught with audiovisual powerpoint recordings, virtual dissections, and clinical lectures. The course is a perfect compliment to review books and classical textbooks which are currently taught in North American medical schools. 

              This course is organized into six major sections, each with multiple lectures and quizzes included. Students can begin and end the sections in any order, as well as repeat sections, making this ideal for learners of any level. Once students complete all the course materials, they are awarded a certificate of completion! Please note that at this time, Medical Anatomy cannot be used as credit for degree granting university lectures. The six major sections of the course include: 

  1. Introduction and Anatomical Terminology

  2. The Back

  3. The Upper Limbs

  4. The Thorax and Abdomen

  5. The Lower Limbs

  6. The Central Nervous System

              A comprehensive anatomy course like this has hardly ever been taught online. I'm excited to be one of the first instructors, and I hope you'll join me in exploring the wonders of anatomy.