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FREE Organic Chemistry Tips, Tricks and Practice Problems

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Publisher : Dr. Jason Dinsmore

Course Language : English

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar...

Organic Chemistry – It’s a weed-out course, many students fail, you will fail, it’s hard, it’s time consuming, it’s complicated, you won’t like it, good luck (with sarcasm), you won’t have a life, you may have to take it again, it will wreck your GPA, it may keep you out of medicinal school…and on and on. 

The story we hear about something dramatically influences how we see and experience something.

Now, I want to share with you a different story about organic chemistry. And this story is backed up by years of teaching the material.

Organic chemistry is simple and easy to learn. There is a very effective and direct way to learn the material that allows you to start using it immediately. No matter where you are in the class, there are simple and effective ways to immediately increase your understanding and grade. 

Since I began teaching in 1998, I have been working on creating the simplest and most effective way for anyone to learn organic chemistry. And this course is what has come out of those efforts. 

Well, let’s not waste anymore time...Let’s get to it!