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Publisher : Justin Hagen, M.Ed

Course Language : English


Shinbushido-Kyo is an ideological and pseudotheological belief system rooted in East Asian philosophy that has taken the precepts of Bushido and integrated them into a cohesive way of life honoring the martial spirit represented by Osu!

Shinbushido-Kyo has adopted the core tenets and virtues of Bushido developed by Dr. Nitobe Inazo in his turn of the 20th century work "Bushido: The Soul Of Japan," which are stated as:

1) Justice
2) Courage
3) Mercy
4) Politeness
5) Honesty
6) Honor
7) Loyalty
8) Self-control

Shinbushido-Kyo believes that through rigorous training in the martial arts (Shugyo), coupled with intense study of martial arts classics and ethics (Gaku), humans can achieve personal peace of mind (Satori). Through the pursuit of Satori, the human condition can rise above the stresses of the material world and act as a beacon of hope to be looked up to by others.

Looking up to the martial artists of old and classical Eastern Philosophers (Bosatsu) for guidance, any human has the ability to raise to the heights of the masters of old. As Yamamoto Tsunetomo said in his classical work the Hagakure:

"It is spiritless to think that you cannot attain that which you have seen and heard the masters obtain. The masters are human. You are also a human. If you think you are inferior in doing something, you will be on that road very soon."