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Understanding Smart Money Recommendations for Jewish EdTech

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Publisher : Lionel Mitelpunkt

Course Language : English

An entry level course to get you in to the EdTech world.

I thank the Jim Joseph Foundation, William Davidson Foundation and Lewis J. Bernstein for this compiling resource and hope that my work helps others in getting there in an out to this world.

This course allows an overview of the recommendations chapter and aspires to provide some guidance and make the field research more digestible and interactive. I hope that a practice community will grow through this ecourse attempt and by that apply practices the report suggests as valid and worthy to get more people involved.

The field of Technology is one where experience counts more than knowledge so I've built this course in a way where our shared experiences create the value, that is why instead of reviewing apps myself I decided that we all will test and review in a way that we can than share the outcomes and learn from each other.

This is a participatory course and I hope this proves as a valid try and success.