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The 30 Minute Business Plan

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Publisher : Steve Burnside, M.B.A.

Course Language : English

Includes Lifetime Access, Future Updates as Well as Direct Access to the instructor through the Udemy Messaging System. 

Welcome to Business Fundamentals: The 30 Minute Business Plan. As a business owner and M.B.A. I have worked with a significant number of entrepreneurs to help them discover their business plan.

In Business Fundamentals: The 30 Minute Business Plan, we will use my "M.A.S.S." model in order to quickly and easily vet out business ideas and determine if they could actually make us money. 

This course is perfect for the entrepreneur, or future entrepreneur, that needs a great way to start planning their business.

By the end of this course you will have the tools you need to easily determine how a potential business could make money, as well as be able to easily explain the business to friends, family (or even the bank). 

With over 15,000 students online, and hundreds more in person, I am committed to helping people start and grow businesses to make a better life for themselves and their families. I want to personally invite you to this awesome course that will give you easy-to-use tools to find a business that is right for you.