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Build a Successful Online Business - A Comprehensive Guide

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Publisher : Dan Grijzenhout

Price : $95

Course Length : 4 hours

Course Language : English


This is a comprehensive course covering many aspects of how to think about, start and build your own at home online business. By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need intellectually to get the job done - all that will be left will be to just do it!

Initial Premise: You want to create monetize-able “Content”, promote it online; and earn enough revenue from it to be able to make this a full-time business. You have an idea what you want to create but you don’t know how to build it all, how to market it and how to make money from it. You have many questions but not a lot of knowledge as to what to do. Questions like:

  • Where do I start? What do I do first?
  • What are the steps I need to complete to get into a final productive and operational routine that over time makes me money?
  • What should my “Underlying Systems” (applications, interface points, etc.) look like?
  • For a simple business model – you are "business unsophisticated" and just starting out – what should my business model look like? What is a business model anyway?
  • Once operational, what might my business day look like?
  • What will my ultimate revenue sources be?
  • What kind of content do I wish to create?
  • Should I focus on making original content, curated content or both?
  • How do I do SEO and how do I make it work for me?
  • How do I generate organic traffic and what are my best options for paid traffic?
  • How Do I Maximize the Use of E-Mail Marketing and Auto-responders?
  • What automated e-mails should I build into my e-mail system?
  • How do I make money Blogging? and Vlogging?
  • How do I make money selling products as an affiliate?
  • What websites would be very useful to know about in my business?
  • What are some good tools and software I should be using as part of my business?

The content in this course helps you work through these kinds of questions, increasing your knowledge so that you can hit the ground running to start building your "At Home" business with more confidence, knowing what you need to do to succeed. It will take you more than 3 hours to complete - but you will learn a lot of things that will really give you a leg up on getting your business built and growing.

By the way: An important note for students of this course - Section 4 of this course is the same as my other earlier course "How to Get Found on the Internet". So if you take this course, you will not need to take the other one. I felt the content in that course was too important to be left behind for this course so I have included it within this lecture series as well.

Best wishes, - Dan Grijzenhout

Who is the target audience?
  • An individual or company wanting to build an online business or an online presence for their business
  • A retired person wanting or needing to make some extra money from home
  • Both people with experience online and people with no experience online could benefit from the teachings contained in this course
  • If you have never done anything on a computer or a smartphone before, this course may not work for you - a basic understanding of computers would be advisable to get the full benefits of the course
  • A basic understanding of such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube would be useful
  • There are no pre-course studying requirements for the course but it might be useful for the student to read my book Social Media Strategy that Creates Income available from Amazon - Kindle