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Communication skills for beginners

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Publisher : Linda G Robert

Course Length : 3 hours

Course Language : English


In this intro course you'll learn the very basics to communication.

Why do you need to return to the basics of communication?  It is the simple communication skills that we all need to use and develop over time that either 'makes the relationships or breaks it'.

In other words if you do not communicate your message clearly, you can and will be completely misunderstood. If you don't listen to the other person whether it's a partner, a colleague, a boss or a stranger,  you can hurt someone without truly understanding what happened.

This course may appear to be simple and it is, but don't let that fool you. While communicating with others may seem easy to do, you can easily misunderstand messages that you've received, or be completely misunderstood. Could it be the words you chose, the medium you used, your tone, or your non-verbals that affected the communication? 

Whether you are taking this course for your professional life or for your personal life, you need to speak, listen and to share messages, spoken or unspoken. 

 Going back to basics in order to truly understand what communication is, and how you communicate will help you become a better communicator.  This, in turn, will enhance your relationships at work and at home.

Who this course is for:
  • you are looking at understanding communication skill
  • you are hoping to improve your listening skills