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Flipping Cars

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Publisher : Timothy King

Course Language : English

Seven months ago I started my first job as a dish-washer at a local golf course. Although I enjoyed the simplicity of the job, I knew that I could do more. After saving up for a few weeks I bought my first car for $3 000. I couldn't help but baby it. I waxed it and polished it like twice a week. I got such a good deal on that car that I ended up selling it for a decent profit a few weeks later. I missed that BMW and decided to get another car that I could be proud of and take care of. While searching around the internet, I realized that if I had been able to sell my first car for a profit without even meaning to, I could probably do even better on my second car. I did. This began a journey that has changed my way of thinking and greatly improved my life. In my course I will share my experience's with you and will give you all the tools that I have gained from talking with people that buy/sell cars for a living. This knowledge has allowed me to make thousands of dollars while attending school full time and working part time. My hope is that you too will learn that society's classic thinking about cars is ridiculous, and that you will join me in applying this mentality to all other areas of life.