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Digital Flipping 1.0: Unique Low Cost Beginner Home Business

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Publisher : Paulo Perdu

Course Language : English

If you'd be happy earning an extra $1,000 per month to cover your rent, bills, vacations, and other business projects... then this may be the ideal online home business for you to start with.

Here’s Why:

  • You do NOT need a lot of capital ($100 or less is enough to start)

  • You do NOT need to take risk (In fact, the only time you’d spend money is once profits are already secured in escrow)

  • You do NOT need any inventory (No upfront costs or risks. Everything is digital.)

  • You do NOT need to leave your home (Everything is done online.)

  • You do NOT need to put in full time hours (A couple hours in your spare time is enough)

  • You do NOT need to know how to generate traffic, create products, be an expert, have a team, nor learn any complex skills (I show exactly where to find buyers and outsource the work)

  • You do NOT need to talk to buyers face-to-face (Everything is done via messaging)

  • You do NOT need any previous work experience, previous education, nor any certifications (We outsource the work)

  • You do NOT need to live in the USA (I share an international marketplace)

This method does not require a lot of risk, a lot of time, nor complex skills... because we're simply doing something I call "Digital Flipping".

The Only Requirements:

  • You should have conversational English skills

  • You can not live in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, or Cuba (rules of the site I share)

How Does It Work?

Imagine someone wants a website designed for $500.

From there, I show you how to close the deal… even if you have no portfolio, no education, no certificates, or no past experience. Plus, we don't have to talk to buyers face-to-face.

Then I show you how to find someone that can do the job for $100 (or much less).

Once the job is complete you’ll profit an extra $400… and you didn’t even do the work. (By the way, once you deliver the work you receive the money within 5 days; so it’s a fast way to earn extra income.)

That’s what I call Digital Flipping.

Earnings Proof

Most courses are junk and full of theory.

You’ll probably realize this course isn’t junk after you’ve viewed the free previews.

You may also notice my Digital Flipping method is NOT something I've just read about, seen, or heard in passing.

I've actually done this method for more than one year and it's based from my successful application.


I show in my first 30 days with Digital Flipping I earned an extra $512.50. In September 2017, I earned an extra $1,213.00. In August 2017, an extra $914.00.

In total, I’ve earned an extra $12,461.50 (and counting).

Tons Of Opportunity


That’s the amount of deals there are to flip, on average, every single day. Yes, there’s a lot of opportunity here.

And I doubt this opportunity will ever go away.

Why? Well, for starters, this website has been operational since 1999. And I just started doing this in 2016 (yes, 17 years later).

Secondly, more and more businesses are popping up each day. And they all need help with something. So there’ll always be demand for people to do work that business owners need.

Plus, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about competition or saturation.

After all, I’m able to do this successfully 17 YEARS AFTER this site has been operational.

If there’s any time to worry about competition it’d be now. Yet, I still don’t worry about competition or saturation.

Why? Because I know exactly how to stand out from the crowd and dominate weak competition. And I share these strategies in the course.

Part Time Side Hustle

I don’t do this every day.

There are weeks and months where I skip this because of other projects going on.

This is just a side hustle.

This is not meant to be a earth-shattering career move nor turn you into a multi-millionaire overnight.

It’s just a part time hustle that’s meant to get you started online and start earning some extra cash each month.

If you do this full time, then you can probably earn more than me and scale this up. But this is primarily meant to supplement your income as a beginning, home-based, online entrepreneur.

And that’s how I’ve approached teaching the course.

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See you on the inside,