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Top-BOSS 創業競技場(EBMA)

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Publisher : Top-BOSS 特波國際 - Arthur Hsiao 蕭世貴

Course Language : Traditional Chinese

創業競技場 EBMA

EBMA (Entrepreneur Business Management Arena), is designed to foster entrepreneurial business simulation learning courses provide learners with the market side and the financial side of the same or different race basis, the concept of the mess, and guide aspiring entrepreneurs in different position to enter the market, learn to analyze the environment, adapt to the environment, to quickly identify the survival and development opportunities, and know how to negotiate with funders, eternal everlasting.

EBMA (Entrepreneur Business Management Arena) ,EBMA是為培養創業家所設計的模擬經營學習課程,提供學習者市場面和財務面相同或者不相同的競賽基礎,以殘局的概念,引導有志創業者,以不同的地位進入市場,學習分析環境、適應環境,迅速找出生存和發展的契機,並懂得如何與資金提供者交涉,永保基業長青。