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Getting To Grips With HR Software

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Publisher : Denis Wallace Barnard - Nicole Le Maire

Course Language : English

Technology innovations such as SaaS, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence have disrupted markets and business models and as a result, the globally connected economy has become so dynamic and complex that most companies with their traditional command-and- control hierarchies and ponderous decision making processes are incapable to react with agility and speed, thereby losing resilience for change.

Remember, by 2025 nearly 3 billion more people will have access to the Internet, with more consumers interacting in the global digital economy, the combination of mobile computing devices, high-speed wireless connectivity and applications (HRIS, HCM, HRMS, ERP) is projected to see unprecedented growth.

The ongoing digital revolution is sweeping through businesses all over the globe, bringing new capabilities and efficiencies to the workplace but also creating unique challenges. 

This course shares how organisations and specifically HR needs to adopt a new attitude to risk, to become less hierarchical and to embrace new methods of working.