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Machine Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers

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Publisher : Tristan Casey

Course Language : English

Welcome to our course on machine safety leadership.

This course was developed by Griffith University's Safety Science Innovation Lab, in close collaboration with the manufacturing industry and the Centre for Work, Health and Safety.

In this course, we have broken down key safety leadership capabilities into separate modules. Ideally, you will start at the beginning and work your way through the modules one by one. Each module should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Set aside this time each day over the next two weeks, and try to complete 1-2 modules per day.

A downloadable resource is provided for each module. This resource includes a short summary of the concepts covered, as well as some reflection and discussion questions. Try to use these questions with your team, or integrate them with a Toolbox Meeting. You can print the resource out if you like, and use it to refresh your learning from time to time.

Each module has a similar structure. The first film outlines the 'what' - the key concept or knowledge to be learned. The second film explains the 'how' - the skills to make a difference and improve your safety leadership. The third film provides case studies and examples of what each skill looks like in practice and the effects on workers' safety. These stories are told by actors, and were drawn from actual people in the manufacturing industry.

Are you ready to improve your leadership and your business?