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Not Your Father's Leadership

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Publisher : Brian Braudis

Course Language : English

Supervision and management have been quietly changing since the Industrial Revolution. In the past, effective supervision was simple and easy. Managers gave orders and demanded conformity and loyalty. It was that simple. Communication was one-way, from management to employees. That made it easy. 

But everything has changed. We can no longer demand conformity and loyalty. And today, communication has become a much-needed competency!

What hasn't changed is supervisors still get things done through other people.

Nowadays supervisors and managers have to make things happen in a far more complicated, difficult and ambiguous world. But good managers know that this world is also filled with opportunities to make a difference.   

Today, supervisors and managers are responsible for creating the environment for workers to engage with their full self, contributing through their labor, their ideas, enthusiasm and creativity. This is the supreme, modern-day challenge for management.

We have to grow beyond the fossilized management practices of the past and create a new strategy that will maximize the potential and fulfillment of every individual.

We must fight the imprudent impulse to command and instead invest in the higher, more refined skills of finesse, influence and persuasion.

Today, we have come to realize that to grow, advance and contribute, most people don't need more discipline. They need to be understood and provided the space to grow their strengths and ultimately, offer their best. 

This course will provide you with the necessary, new (21st century) strategies that enable employees to offer their best.

You will be instilled at the foundational level with the strength, resolve and finesse to supervise and manage in this complex and challenging time. Upon completion, you will have everything you need to reduce conflict, increase retention, create daily progress and make a real difference as a supervisor.