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Swing Trading Ninja: Complete Swing Trading Course (12+Hour)

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Publisher : Saad T. Hameed (STH)

Price : $199

Course Language : English

*** Course access includes quizzes & homework exercises, 1-on-1 instructor support and LIFETIME access! ***

This is best strategy I ever find in my life for swing trader. This is incredible. This milloin dollar startegy. I can say here "knowledge is power".

-Suhit Kalubarme

So far so good, i love learing new things about trading, a day ago i never new about this SAR indicator.

-Mohammad Badran

The course is excellent, easy to follow, the instructor is experienced and enthisatic about the subject

-Kiba Lovren

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TOP-NOTCH Swing Trading Instructor

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Swing Trading Course Details:

Are you thinking to learn Advance skills?

Do you know why Swing traders succeed where others fail?

If not then this course is for you as this course not only discusses how to Swing trade but also on how to read the market along with Secrets of swing trading.

My Advanced Swing Trading Ninja Strategy is the only complete course, that not only show you  how to enter a trade but also how to exit and how to manage risk. Swing Trading is a Complex topic and this course focuses on strengthening your basics and gives you the ability to read the market as a price action trader. 

I will train you to read and correctly interpret Trends in Swing Trading. You will be able to predict which way a stock will most likely move in the near future as you will be using different complex indicators to access the market. Technical Analysis gives you a glimpse of the future, and is a must have arsenal in your tool book.

The Swing trading strategy I teach in this course will provide you with a plan for entering and exiting trades with confidence. 

This Swing Trading course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

In this Stock Trading Course we will discuss Charts to show you how to enter and exit along with Risk management. My Complete Focus in this course is on, how to stop losses and how to let your profitable swing trade run.

Swing Trading strategy Essentials: You will learn each and every single details that is necessary, to successfully swing trade. However Before diving into the strategy, I will first teach you the essential price action points, especially designed to strengthen your knowledge base.

In this course, I will teach you different indicator that will help you understand the swing trading game. I will show you my own strategy which uses complex indicators that I use for all of my Buy and Sell Signals, and it's accuracy rate is very high as the strategy comes with high risk management techniques. Two of the most important lessons included in this course are how to handle a false Buy Signal to keep losses to an absolute minimum, and when to lock in profits to maximize your stock trading gains. 

I will teach you different (Stock Trading) Technical analysis tools like

  • Parabolic SAR

  • CCI

  • Stoch RSI

Not only this I will dive into Multiple Forex or Stock Trading Risk Management Techniques like

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Trailing Stop Order

  • Fixed Stop Loss

  • Discretionary Take Profit

  • Discretionary Stop Loss

- A Forex or Stock trader don't need huge capital to invest for Swing Trading. If you follow the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy then you will enter at the very beginning of of the trend, with extreme risk management. As my aim is to reduce risk and let profitable stock or forex trade run. As trading without losses will always help you to end in profit.

I will not stop here, I will also increase your Forex or Stock Trading knowledge through Chart patterns

  • Rising Wedge Chart Pattern

  • Falling Wedge Chart Pattern

  • Cartier Diamond Chart Pattern

  • Flag and peanut Chart Pattern

  • Symetrical Triangle Chart Pattern

This Swing Trading course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

Again I will not stop here, but will also discuss Simple and Complex Candlestick patterns for Forex or stock trading like

  • Marubozu

  • Spinning Top

  • 3 White Soldier

  • Bullish Harami Cross

  • Doji

I will also discuss odd but effective Swing trading tools that no other course discusses

  • Gann Fan

  • Check Short Sale Metrics

  • Sources of short interest data

  • Irving Fisher Debt Deflation Theory

Disclaimer Note: This Stock Trading course is for educational and informational purposes only. Not recommending of any particular investments such as a particular stock or mutual fund.

Other Reviews:

Love this course! Its very comprehensive and very well-explained !!!

-Bobi Santos

12 Hours of Pure Knowledge that have helped me in my Stock trading.

-Digna Borom