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Making Chatbot & Voice Apps (with Dialogflow v1)

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Publisher : M.Inzamam Malik

Course Language : English

ATTENTION, this course uses dialogflow v1, simce dialogflow v2 is released every new dialogflow agent is set to v2 by default, please don't forget to move you agent to v1 otherwise you may not get expected results.

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In this course I will tell you how to make chatbots for a website or mobile apps
I will also tell you how to take advantage of google assistant and google home and how to make conversational apps for these devices using dialogflow 
I will tell you how to take advantage of Docker and kubernetes to make you chatbot highly scalable.

Course Outline:

phase 1:
1) Hello World
2) Understanding Intent
3) Custom entity
4) Getting started with firebase functions
5) Understanding fulfilment
6) Using Firebase functions as fulfillment webhook
7) Using database in fulfillment webhook

Phase 2: (Comming Soon...)

1) Account linking (Google assistant)
2) Making User Level Entity for personalized experience
3) Rich Responses (suggestions chips, list, card, images etc.)
4) Understanding Context 

I will add more...

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