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Forex: What's a Trend and When it is Strong and Reliable

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Publisher : Danilo Farina

Course Language : English

You have basic Forex training but do not have a stable income or good performance? You do not feel safe in identifying a real trend, and your strategies work on and off?

Learn how to Identify Real and Strong Trends and Avoid Up to 30% Foreseeable Losses

  • Find a trend with accuracy and learn when it is reliable to implement your strategy.
  • Improve the quality of your charts analysis
  • Optimize Forex Markets technical analysis

I'm a Professional Trader as I live by Forex for 4 years and I have more than 10 active strategies (from Technical Analysis to Expert Advisor and Trend Following to Breakout Strategies), but almost no one would be current without the concepts in this video.

It is part of the basic lessons that I always teach to my courses students, it is very difficult to have continued success in forex without accurately recognizing a trend, whatever your trading strategy is.

Whether you want to work with the classical Technical Analysis or with specific Trading Strategies, this course will give you more safety and efficacy, for everything you'll do in your life in forex. It is the basic training for anyone who wants to be a profitable trader.

In this Course will be used a Professional VoiceOver: Chris Hampton.

Update of May 2018:
thank you for all the positive feedback, many other courses had been translated from Italian to English, unfortunately the translation was not optimal and the feedbacks were not very good. So Udemy blocked the courses, unfortunately only one remained online.