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Options - Introduction to Selling Iron Condors for Income

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Publisher : Steve Liguori

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


The Iron Condor strategy is a great Income Producing Strategy, but most people struggle with it, especially new traders.  Why????


  • They are not sure what to do when something goes wrong with the trade. 
  • They are not sure what strikes to pick.   
  • They are not sure what expiration to pick.   

And because of that:

  • They just slap something on that they see somebody else do.
  • They are at a loss for managing the trade because it’s really not their trade. 
  • They don’t understand it.

In this Course, I want to shed some light on what the Iron Condor trade is and why it’s worth using, but also give you an understanding of how average wins, average losses and win percentages determine your bottom line. 

Ideally when we are selling an Iron Condor, we are anticipating that price is going to go sideways.  Now, it’s fine if price goes up a little and then comes back down a little.  It’s actually great for that to happen because we want to burn off some time.  This trade makes it's money by time passing by and price staying still.  And while the market doesn’t necessarily stay perfectly still, it will often gyrate around a good part of the time and stay within a range. 

So, could we find a stock or an index that will stay within a range and could we make enough money often enough to offset the risk?  That’s the big key is to offset the risk. 

Join me in exploring an introduction to this exciting Option Trading Strategy!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginning Traders looking to Learn about a Reliable Options Income Strategy
  • Intermediate Traders who are struggling to achieve consistent positive results from their Iron Condor Trades