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Draw digital art portraits - How to draw an eye

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Publisher : Marc Cronin

Course Language : English


Draw perfect digital portraits, every time

Often we get overwhelmed by the number of brushes available to us within our art software.

This can distract us from producing amazing artwork.

This course teaches you how to get results no matter what art package we are using with only 4 standard brushes that are available in all art software.

By simplifying the process, and focusing on the art and not the tools, we can use these simple tips and techniques to produce digital portraits that will amaze your friends.

You will learn:

  • How to set up any art software for portrait drawing.

  • Warming up exercises - improve your curves and lines with these simple ways to get your hand working.

  • Sketch accurately to be able to draw a perfect likeness every time.

  • Working with a colour palette.

  • Step by step guide on drawing an eye from a picture.

Improve your portrait artwork quickly with this free digital portrait course.