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30 Simple Tips For Easy Weight Loss! (Free Course) ✅

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Publisher : Kevin Kockot

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


Hello and welcome to my new course "30 Simple Tips For Easy Weight Loss!" :)


  • I am Kevin Kockot, and I am happy to welcome you to this course!

  • You are interested in the topic of  How to lose weight, burn fat and reach your weight loss goal easily?

  • And you would like to be inspired with practical input to learn how to find how you can switch your practical approach and your mindset for optimal health benefits?

    >> Then I am optimistic that this course is the right one for you!

  • I'm Kevin Kockot (M.A. prevention and health promotion) and for many years I worked as an entrepeneur where I give lectures and seminars on topics of prevention and health promotion


  • Several working hours were going into the preperation of this content, that I made for the FREE usage for you! (Including Links and ressources to other websites!)


  • My goal is to help you living a healthy and self-determinded life!


  • What kind of content do you find in this course?  Take a look at the chapters of this course!


  • NOTE: Please give me a response to this course in form of a message or a review on Udemy! That helps me to improve the course for everybody! :)


Which topics can you expect in this course?

Tip #1 | Define your goal!

Tip #2 | Visualize yourself already having the goal achieved!

Tip #3 | Clarify, what to do exactly!

Tip #4 | Use a diet plan for weight loss!

Tip #5 | Use a pedometer!

Tip #6 | Drink plenty of water!

Tip #7 | Avoid sweet drinks!

Tip #8 | Start loosing weight while shopping!

Tip #9 | Create a social environment that supports you!

Tip #10 |Motivate yourself by possible negative consequences of obesity!

Tip #11 | Reward yourself for the partial goals you have achieved!

Tip #12 | Control your Vitamin D level!

Tip #13 | Use successful people as An orientation!

Tip #14 | Create a morning routine!

Tip #15 | Eat more fiber!

Tip #16 | Shorten the period of food intake!

Tip #17 | Avoid alcohol!

Tip #18 | Do sports - 10 min a day!

Tip #19 | Feel comfortable with active exercise!

Tip #20 | Buy a scale with body fat measurement!

Tip #21 | Combine successful exercises with a positive feeling!

Tip #22 | Be a role model for other people around you!

Tip #23 | Watch your acidity!

Tip #24 | Get Help (coaching) to reach your goal!

Tip #25 | Use plants and herbs to increase fat burning!

Tip #26 | Document your progress!

Tip #27 | Orient yourself on your past success when loosing weight!

Tip #28 | If you are having a bad day - move on!

Tip #29 | Let weight loss become your hightes priority!

Tip #30 | Change your habits slowly!


If you have the feeling something is missing - please feel free to contact me on Udemy anytime! I am happy to answer you add lectures based on your recommendations! :)

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That helps me as a course creator a lot to improve the course! :)

Thank you!

See you in the course! :)

Best regards,


Who this course is for:
  • ✅ ... people that are in search of weight loss strategies that will help them achieving their goal!
  • ✅ ... people that are in seach of recommendations based on research and evidence!
  • ✅ ... people that need practical strategies that will help them to burn fat fast (hands-on!)
  • ✅ ... people that want to have a new mindset that will help you with loosing weight easily!