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Arrhythmia, AFIB and Palpitations - electricity of the heart

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Publisher : Kim Milt

Course Language : English

This course was initiated by a scare I personally had with Arrhythmia. Very unexpectedly I had a diagnosis and eventual series of treatments for Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB). It was very frightening at times, mainly because I found nothing of value on the internet. So I contacted some of the top electrophysiologists in Florida, and created this course. We know it will bring you some knowledge and peace if you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with one of the electrical issues of the heart.

The course I created deals with many kinds of Arrhythmia's.

Not only Atrial Fibrillation, but Tachycardia, Sudden Death Syndrome, Palpitations, various Treatments, Implantable devices, Pacemakers, Loop Recorders, Defibrillators and interviews with several highly successful doctors who specialize in these kinds of heart issues.

I hope this course helps you learn the things that might be wrong with you or a loved one, and the current treatments that are available.