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Learn about becoming a registered counsellor in Australia

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Publisher : Nathan Beel

Course Language : English

Do you live in Australia and want to become a counsellor?

Navigating the journey to become a registered counsellor in Australia can be confusing.  Training in counselling is expensive and navigating the demands of the profession as a student or graduate can be tricky. People can gain years of counsellor practice to find out that they have not kept the correct paperwork and may find it difficult to join a counselling association.  This course has been written after hearing students describe their confusion about how to proceed towards registration. 

I have prepared this course to provide information to make your decisions easier and more informed. I am not going to tell you what course to enroll in or recommend one professional association over another. I believe in providing sufficient information so you can make informed decisions along the way. 

I have been a registered counsellor for almost two decades so am familiar with the requirements for the journey towards registration.  

Note that this course has been written for an Australian context only, and is not provided on behalf of any training institution or counselling association.  

In this course you will learn: 

  • The benefits of counsellor registration
  • The employment options for trained counsellors
  • The differences and requirements of counsellor training programs
  • Record keeping requirements for counselling experience and clinical supervision
  • About the importance of personal and professional development