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Beginner Fitness for Baby Boomer, Retirees & Other Newbies!

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Publisher : Jeremy Belter

Price : $200

Course Language : English


This program is for baby boomers and retirees.  It will help you find a gym and a trainer.  It goes through real life workouts with a client.  The focus is on giving challenging workouts and educating to be more functional and fit.  It is all about learning the mistakes and action plans a person needs to do well with choices in the world of fitness.  Here is some of what is included 

  • 65 Year old client doing warm ups and workouts
  • 10 mistakes baby boomers and retirees make when working at fitness and health
  • Live circuit training with clients
  • Ideas on how to avoid mistakes many make when hiring a trainer or going to a gym
  • An action plan for you to use immediately
  • Bonuses on nutrition, recovery, and so much more

It is my pleasure to bring this program after specializing in training of baby boomer and retirees.  

Who is the target audience?
  • This program is for beginners especially in the baby boomer and retiree market
  • This program would also benefit other beginners and for those finishing up physical therapy
  • A willingness to learn about fitness, nutrition, recovery and a desire to take action on the information