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Crash Course in DBT (Mindfulness) Certification

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Publisher : Dustin DeMoss, M.S.

Course Language : English

This course will help you incorporate using DBT & Mindfulness in your daily living. Being aware of how you can use Mindfulness is one of the first steps in using it and through the worksheets and methods incorporated in this lecture series we'll dive deep into using its practices.

The Series Covers these:

1. What is Mindfulness? + Worksheet

2. Mindfulness Skills + Worksheet

3. Using the Wise Mind + Worksheet

4. Emotional Regulation + Worksheet

5. Interpersonal Relationships + Worksheet

6. Summarizing Knowledge

7. Secret Bonus Lesson + Worksheet

All of these resources and worksheets will help you understand the steps needed to practice mindfulness. We work through each worksheet on each topic individually.