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Deep Fasting - Reach Ketosis, Improve Health & Lose Weight

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Publisher : Arend Pryor

Course Language : English

Whether you're new to fasting, tried intermittent fasting or looking to commit to a deeper fast, I'd like to invite you to follow me as I plan out and give daily updates on the progress of my own 5 day fast, in an effort to share this information and better prepare you to tackle your.

I took this on as a personal challenge after recently listing to an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast where he a Dom D'Agostino (Fasting, Ketosis and the end of Cancer) discussed the benefits of a ketogenic diet and the many health benefits you can expect from taking your body into a deep fast.

Course Highlights:

  • We'll talk about the many health benefits of hitting the body's reset switch, aka deep fasting
  • I'll share with you my plan for doing the fast along with my concerns
  • You'll watch as I provide daily updates including my weight, energy levels, mental clarity, and anything I'm feeling along the way
  • At the completion of the fast, I'll provide a recap, tips and lessons learned
  • I'll also provide you with a fasting cheatsheet that includes the benefits of fasting, the most popular FAQ's and daily breakdown of what to expect

Credit for course images and Music:

  • Music: BenSound[dot]com - Energy & Going Higher
  • Course Image - Flower Icon: Callum Taylor
  • All other credit is given within the videos, where needed