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Pro 'Back Rub', Simple Swedish & Top 5 Thai Yoga Techniques

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Publisher : Ebodhi Ltd

Course Length : 36 mins

Course Language : English


The 'Back Rub' Tutorial (9 minutes):
A quick and powerful sequence which shows you how to relax anyone, anywhere -- in 9 minutes or less.

This massage features deep tissue techniques and Thai stretches.

It is ideal for helping a lover or friend to de-stress, and it is also a very popular 'party trick' at social occasions. 

The Simple Swedish Back / How to Massage on a Bed Tutorial (15 minutes):
We show you how to relax the back and remove tension on a bed, using oil.

This massage is very easy to learn but wonderfully relaxing.

Learn one of the most effective techniques in any type of massage: how to remove tension from the upper back, between the shoulders - the place where most people store the most tension.

Top 5 Traditional Thai Techniques:
Some of our favourite traditional Thai Yoga techniques

This tutorial video was filmed in the surreal 'Wistman's Wood' in Dartmoor National Park in England.

To ensure the learning journey is swift and smooth: we use multiple cameras to always display the most informative angle; relaxing piano music from the critically-acclaimed pianist Silvertortoise; and the talented voice of actress Michelle Fahrenheim.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who wants to learn massage.
  • Anyone who wants to learn some powerful Thai Yoga stretches.
  • Couples (or friends) who want to help each other relax and unwind.