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FREE DBT COURSE: Taking control with the DBT Diary Card

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Publisher : Dr Yvette Vardy

Course Language : English

This FREE course introduces you to the DBT diary card. It may not necessarily sound that interesting, but I offer this course for free, because I believe there is so much goodness to share and I'm passionate about helping people change! I aim to show you just how much insight and awareness can be gained from filling in these Diary Cards. I take you on a guided self-reflective practice, to assess your top "target problem behaviours" and then show you all the patterns you can uncover when filling the diary cards out. The diary cards are invaluable for building awareness and insight into your emotions and urges, and then also for assisting you to implement effective behaviour change strategies. I show you how the DBT skills (or indeed any skills) can be integrated into reducing problematic behaviours so that you can break habits and create new healthy alternatives.