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InBody online academy

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Publisher : InBody Specialist

Course Language : English

Our first Regular Course will be started on March, 2019.

So please wait a moment to see our brainstorming video until then.

Thank you :)

Hello guys. 

Thank you for having interest in InBody Online Academia.

Now you can learn information about InBody anywhere where there is internet.

These are the procedure that you have to follow as a participant of InBody Online Academy.



1. Please read all the materials and documents carefully.

These will give you the information of InBody and a step closer to your certificate.


2. Please take the test and quiz for your certificate.

If you pass the test, you can receive  your certificate from InBody Online Academy.

3. Finish till the END. 

If you finish this course perfectly, It will be helpful for you.

Also, the ones who you will consult.



If you have any queries, please write on the dashboard.

We will get back to you ASAP.


Good Luck


Thank You.