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Introduction to Taekwondo

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Publisher : Thomas Huskey

Course Language : English

Taekwondo is the world's most popular martial art, and is also an Olympic sport. This introduction to Taekwondo teaches beginner level techniques, concepts, and terminology related to the Korean martial art. The course is taught by a former All-Army Taekwondo team member, a 4x Taekwondo state champion, and a USA-Taekwondo certified world class coach and referee. This course combines lessons from the Cyber Taekwondo white belt curriculum, and is designed for Udemy students to transition into the program after course completion. Upon completion, Udemy students have the option to enroll in Cyber Taekwondo free for 30 days, progress in the Taekwondo belt system, become friends with other students in the program, and eventually earn a Black Belt online.