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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Ground Fighting -Street Self Defense

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Publisher : David Wong

Course Language : English

Learn the fastest and most brutal ground fighting techniques for the street, including: 

-The Knee Ride 
-The Knee Ride Variations 
-The Knee Low Ride 
-Strikes from Knee Ride 
-Elbow Lock from Knee Ride 
-Shaving Elbow Lock from Knee Ride 
-Cross Arm Lock from Knee Ride 
-Cross Arm Lock Variations 
-Kimura Shoulder Lock from Knee Ride 
-Kimura Details 
-Scissor Choke from Knee Ride 
-Scissor Choke Details 
-Scissor Choke to Arm Lock 
-Scissor Choke to Arm Lock 2 
-Knee Ride Transition Drill 
-The S-Mount / Russian Mount 
-Arm Lock from S-Mount 
-Head Control in Arm Lock 
-Arm Lock from S-Mount Transition 
-The Mongolian Mount 
-Mount Transition Drill 
-Deep High Mount 
-Arm Wrap Deep High Mount 
-Arm Lock from Deep High Mount 
-Arm Lock Variation from Deep High Mount 
-Triangle Choke from Deep High Mount 
-Shin Choke from Russian Mount 
-Arm Lock & Choke Transitions 
-Choke & Nelson from Back Control 

Over 30 years in the making, he has taken the best techniques and concepts from countless martial arts forms and refined them into a single, concise and brutally effective form that has been proven and tested to work in real life on the streets.