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Workouts to Get You Moving

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Publisher : Patricia Sullivan

Course Length : 35 mins

Course Language : English


In the following short sessions, students learn nutritional strategies and practice proper exercise form with guided instructions, in a small space, using little or no equipment.

  • Learn nutritional strategies for eating healthier, and losing weight.

  • Practice and learn a 3.5 Minute cardio warm-up routine to become energized, and ready for weight training.

  • Practice and learn a 4 Minute Full Body workout.

  • Practice and learn a 5 minute arms & shoulder muscle building workout.

  • Practice and learn a 5 minute lower body and core workout.

  • Practice and learn a 5 minute upper back workout.

Who this course is for:
  • Sedentary adults, or anyone who desires to move more, be healthier, and are willing to learn new strategies to accomplish their fitness goals. Students not interested with going to a gym can workout from home, the office, on the road, and with no special equipment.
  • Anyone wanting to learn a good beginner workout routine with proper form.