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Protect Your Kids! Apple iOS Restrictions iPhone & iPad.

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Publisher : Jesse Edberg - Lead Sr. Macintosh Engineer

Course Language : English

Utilizing Apple’s built-in iOS Restriction Controls, Guided Access, and Find My iPhone, you become the Master! I will show you how to track your iPhone or iPad, send alerts to locate around the house and even lock & wipe it if it gets stolen! I will also show you how to Protect yourself from 'Them Pesky Kids' as they can wreak havoc on your device and you'd not even know for weeks to come! Protect your kids from the eminent danger of using Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with no Apple iOS safety controls in-place. Providing only Age Appropriate Content to our children is not only a good idea, but it is our responsibility. An unprotected device is like handing over a dirty magazine wrapped in a bunch of expletives over to your kid - This is crazy!