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American English for French Speakers

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Publisher : Jennifer Wagner

Course Language : English

Bienvenue and welcome to American English for French speakers!

This course is designed for French speakers learning American English. Ce cours est destiné aux francophones qui apprennent l’anglais américain.

In this course, you will learn how to avoid common translation mistakes between French and English, such as what the word Yankee really means and why you should not say I speak American. You will also learn the American English pronunciation and meanings of French words used in English, including false cognates (faux amis) and the American English pronunciation and actual meanings of English words used in French, such as baby-foot, relooking, and baskets (which actually mean foosball, makeover, and sneakers in real American English!)

Finally, you will learn some common differences between French and English grammar, such as word order, how to translate the pronoun on, and how to use would, could, and should in English. There are also some multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge.

Please enjoy this free course on American English for French speakers!