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Essential Academic English: Chemistry

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Publisher : Daniel Owen

Price : $99

Course Language : English

More and more students around the world are studying English! With a competitive job market and rising standard of international exams, academic English has never been more important.

Are you looking to improve your English? After the success of my first course, ‘Essential Academic English: Biology’, I have designed this course to perfectly complement your knowledge of chemistry.

Through animated videos, taught by a fully-qualified native ESL teacher, we’ll look at over 250+ keywords. We’ll dive into grammatical variances, synonyms, pronunciation and how to use these words in everyday English. With activities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we’ll work together to improve your understanding in this area of academic English.

This course is specifically looking at chemistry in the English language. Hugely important for everyday life, chemistry looks at the world we live in and what makes it.

Whether you’re preparing for international exams like IELTS or TOEIC, looking to study abroad, or looking to improve your conversational English, this course is perfect for you.

This course includes:

  • Interactive lectures

  • Listening + Speaking Practice

  • Academic Worksheets

  • Quizzes + Practice Tests

  • Certificate Of Completion

Units Covered:


States Of Matter

Atoms, Elements + The Periodic Table

Chemical Reactions

Acids, Alkalis + The pH Scale


The Earth

The Water Cycle

The Atmosphere




Fossil Fuels

Renewable + Alternative Energy