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Publisher : English Learner

Course Language : Japanese


This course aims to raise your English proficiency by reading the news that you've heard in English.

1. Purpose and effect of the course

Through participation in this course, we would like you to learn " to use English grammar correctly to read English" . When asking "Who can speak English", you tend to imagine that you are speaking English fluently immediately, but if you train to read English properly using grammar, your English will have the following effects You can expect.

  • Complex English sentences can be read without difficulty
  • I will be able to listen to English that I could not hear until now
  • I will be able to write English with less mistakes
  • You will be able to speak English that is communicated to your opponent
  • The score of qualification exam such as TOEIC goes up (approaches passing)

I think that there are few people who have doubts about "being able to read complicated English sentences without difficulty". Even any English is basically made according to English grammar rules, so if you can use English grammar correctly in the process of reading, you can read any complicated English sentence. How about "becoming able to listen to English that I could not catch before?" There may be people who feel uncomfortable about improving listening with practice of reading. Listening is "ability to listen and understand sound", so if you can understand only English pronunciation but can not process fluent English sentences in your head according to grammar, it means "to be listening" It will not. Whether we can handle the latter half of the English sentence in the head depends on the reading comprehension of the English sentence, and the difference between reading and listening is only the difference between whether the English input is from the eyes or the ears. However, if you are reading, you can read English at your own pace, but listening needs to understand the English that flows at the pace of the partner, and the difficulty level increases accordingly. Therefore, "the ability to read and understand English" is indispensable as the premise of listening (the foundation).

"Can write English without mistakes" and "To become able to speak English spoken to the other person" are contents concerning writing and speaking which is English output. In fact writing and speaking are closely tied to reading. The ability of English output depends greatly on how much English you have input so far. People who have not input much English often do not acquire English sensually and often have a high probability of making mistakes in writing and speaking. For example, trying to output without too much input is like running a car without gasoline, which is quite an irrational act. Therefore, in order to do the correct output, it is assumed that the English input is substantial, so improve English reading ability (reading comprehension) first, and read many English sentences with large amounts It is very important.

In the explanation so far, I think that you understand that reading ability (reading) is the basis of the whole English ability, so I think that you understood that "the score of the qualification exam such as TOEIC goes up (approaches the acceptance)" Will not it be convinced about? Since English exams always inquire about any or all of reading, listening, writing, and speaking, improving English reading comprehension will definitely work positive. TOEIC has a great improvement course and reference books, but if you aim for a high score, studying with a dedicated exercise book or reference book is not enough and you can raise your English proficiency from the ground up It can be said that it is the best countermeasure

2. Course overview

In this course you will learn how to read English sentences while reading real English news articles grammatically. We will take one theme in each section, and will explain it in English and introduce Japanese translation. Before listening to the commentary, I think that once you stop the movie and think about the meaning of English sentences yourself, it will be more effective.

Who is the target audience?
  • 文法は分かるけど実際に英語を読むのが苦手な人
  • 簡単な文は読めるけど文が少し複雑になると読めない人
  • TOEICなどの資格試験で伸び悩んでいる人
  • ニュース英語(時事英語)に興味のある人
  • 長期的な視野で英語力全体を上げていきたい人