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Meeting Salvadoran Personalities

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Publisher : Meilin Guerrero - Jeany Argueta - Elsy Tatiana Colorado Rosales - Ruth Nohemy Argueta Romero - Maria Sofia Maldonado Cedillos

Course Language : English

This course was created by a group of students coursing the subject Educational Technology. We designed this course to be easily understood by absolutely beginners.  In this course you will learn about biographies of Salvadoran personalities, know how to create personal goals, we will also talk about some grammatical tenses such as the use of used to, present perfect, simple past, past continuous, expressions to make appointment and common questions for personal interviews.

We will show you how to structure sentences in all tenses. In this course you can learn faster with the support of some links that will help you to understand much better the topics. Moreover, we have incorporated some quizzes, so make sure use the examples and doing the activities that appears in the course, this will help you put into practice what you learned during the course.

What knowledge are required?

  • know the parts of a sentences

  • be familiar with terms such as interviews and appointments

  • Be able to understand basic English

Who should take this course

  • People who are curious about salvadoran personalities, personal goals, appointments and personal interviews.

  • People who want to improve grammar skill using correctly simple past, past continuous, and present perfect.

  • People who are interested in knowing Salvadoran poets and singers.

  • High school students

What will student achieve or be able to do at the end of this course?

  • Describe salvadoran poets and singers

  • Differentiate tenses such as past simple, past continuous, present perfect appropriately

  • Identify and use expressions and questions in their conversation related to appointments and  personal interviews.

  • Create smart goals.