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Mandarin Pronunciation Mastery

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Publisher : Mandarin Blueprint - Phil Crimmins - Luke Neale

Course Language : English

According to decades of top linguistic research, if you want to learn Chinese (or ANY language, for that matter), you MUST start with pronunciation. The big problem is, high-quality (and not mind-numbingly boring) Chinese pronunciation training is VERY difficult to find. This is why we decided to not only to create an incredibly easy-to-follow video course jam-packed with everything you need to know to develop INCREDIBLE Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, and we have also decided to make it FREE for everyone.

Pronunciation Mastery is the perfect start to Chinese: Everything you need to know to develop incredible Mandarin Chinese pronunciation packed into one video course!

As two westerners with a combined 16 years both learning and teaching Mandarin Chinese, we know exactly what you need to know to sound like a native, and you will learn all of the inside knowledge from us here, and it's going to save you many hours of frustration.

Contents and overview

This course contains over 178 lectures and 8 hours of video. Although primarily for beginners, pronunciation is an aspect that even advanced learners often need improvement on, so it's well worth a look for all levels.

Pronunciation consists of three key aspects: Producing, Understanding, and Reading. In Pronunciation Mastery, you will learn how to produce, understand and read every one of the 409 syllables that exist in Mandarin, as well as the five tones. We will also supply all of the review materials (PDFs and digital flashcards) you need to practice everything either on your own or with a tutor.

Here are a few specifics of what the course contains:


Learn from 2 westerners who have made the journey to fluency themselves. We have a combined 16 years of experience learning and teaching Mandarin Chinese.


All of our 170+ videos and 80+ PDFs have been hand-crafted to be clean, clear, and concise.


Over 1000 digital flashcards with images and native audio so you never forget anything you learn. Ever.


There will be 30+ regular tests on your retention of the course knowledge.


No boring drills! Learn native pronunciation while acquiring key vocabulary and grammar.


We will be there to support you whenever the going gets tough. All it takes is a quick message.


24 PDFs and 2+ Hours of bonus video all about how to learn Chinese independently.

After Completing This Course, You'll Have Learned...

  • How to understand, produce and read every pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese accurately.

  • How to produce all tones and tone pairs accurately.

  • How to use over 200 Mandarin words and phrases.

  • How to use all HSK 1 grammar structures.

  • How to use the Spaced Repetition Software Anki, which has applications far beyond the scope of this course.

  • How to type or text in Chinese.

  • How to avoid the traps westerners tend to fall into.

  • How to be understood by native speakers far easier.

  • How to understand Mandarin speakers far easier.

  • How to Avoid embarrassment when speaking.

  • An overall “plan of attack” for your ENTIRE Chinese journey to fluency.

  • How to stay motivated when studying Chinese.

  • How to impress native speakers on a regular basis, as well as your friends and family.

  • How Chinese people REALLY speak, instead of the usual “textbook” Chinese taught in traditional classrooms.

  • How to save a ton of time and money you would otherwise spend on classes and private tutors.

  • The key differences between standard Mandarin and other dialects and accents.

High-quality pronunciation training unlocks your ability to:


Success breeds motivation. Being understood by native speakers and understanding them provides that dopamine rush that will spur you on in your learning.

Its a virtuous circle of confidence —> speaking more —> improving faster —> more confidence.


Did you know that pronunciation is far more critical than grammar early on? Even with a limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you pronounce the words correctly.


Accurate Chinese pronunciation will not only get you lots of compliments but it also immediately makes people more responsive to you, which in turn increases your likelihood of meaningful interactions, as well as…


Great pronunciation leaves a deep impression on the people you speak to that can positively influence areas such as your career, finances, and personal relationships.


Because of the exposure you’ve had to every sound of Chinese, you will be able to identify the words you hear more accurately straight away, reinforcing your grammar and vocabulary along the way.


Connecting the sounds of Chinese to their written “pinyin” spelling will allow you to read and type Chinese. Guess what happens when you start reading, writing and listening regularly?…


All of these beautiful benefits mean that you will be able to identify words you hear and read FAR more accurately.

Just as a flutter of butterfly wings in the east can cause a tidal wave in the west, accurate pronunciation early on will start a chain reaction that will get you to fluency a lot faster, and with less stress along the way.

Everything you need to know to develop incredible Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and hundreds of survival words and phrases packed into one video course!

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