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Russian Verbs of Motion Step by Step: ИДТИ - ХОДИТЬ

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Publisher : Anna Sharifullina

Course Language : English


Some people think that learning about the verbs of motion is one of the hardest concepts in the Russian language. The truth is, it is not so difficult if you just try to understand them one step at a time.

 If you have studied Russian for some period of time, if  you know how to read and write but find Verbs of Motion confusing – then  this course is for you.

I have studied different languages and I believe that learning grammar is an essential part in language acquisition. Learning some phrases and using them in daily conversation is great, but  you want to achieve a high level of Russian language comprehension, grammar is something you need to study.

I LOVE structure and my teaching style takes  a step by step approach to learning Russian grammar.  My teaching method is unique and effective, based on  having taught more than 2000 online, private, and class room lessons.  Learning grammar should not be boring.   My interactive course will show you how to learn Russian Verbs of Motion in an easy and interesting way.

The course consists of 25 video lectures (1.5 hours of video content) and 14 Quizzes. Each section contains one video lesson, several quizzes, video exercises and practice dialogs.   

At the end of every lesson you are encouraged to do exercises and quizzes, which will help you to practice and memorize the grammar you've just learned.

Every lesson lasts up to 5 minutes and covers a new grammar topic, such as:

1.     Introduction to the Verbs of Motion.

2.     The Conjugation of ИДТИ - ХОДИТЬ.

3.     Direction of the Movement: Prepositions В, НА.

4.     ИДТИ in Present Tense .

5.     ХОДИТЬ in Present Tense .

6.     ИДТИ – ХОДИТЬ in Present Tense Review .

7.     ИДТИ – ХОДИТЬ in Past Tense.

8.     ИДТИ – ХОДИТЬ in Future Tense .

9.     ИДТИ ХОДИТЬ All Tenses.

10.        Study more: Text.

 Listen and repeat all of the material covered in the lessons, go through the exercises and complete the entire course and you'll understand how to use Russian Verbs of Motion correctly.