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Vitamin English: American Slang

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Publisher : Joe Grandy

Course Language : English

Do you want to sound more like a native English speaker quickly and understand common colloquial expressions in daily conversations and in American movies, TV programs and other media?

One of the biggest differences between native and non-native speakers is the use of slang or informal expressions. Did you know that on average native English speakers use eight colloquial expressions per minute of speech? Slang is a great way to communicate closeness and establish friendships.

Through this course, you will learn slang and colloquialisms that will help you improve your spoken fluency and sound more like a native speaker. You will be given definitions, examples and pictorial representations of each expression. By completing the many practice exercises, quizzes and conversations, you will master and retain these expressions. Soon you will be hearing and using these slang expressions all the time. Your friends and will be amazed at your improved English.