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Doodle Home Hair Maintenance - The Basics - Q&A

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Publisher : Doodle Groomer Chick

Course Language : English

In this course, a collection of (120+) the most often asked questions (120+) by doodle owners are being answered by Betty, the Doodle Groomer Chick. You'll get to learn to pick up on environmental distractions, physical discomfort and ways of how to keep your doodle comfortable for grooming so she/he will cooperate willingly.

Main topics include:

*  brushing  *  behavior  *  dematting  *  detangling  * deshedding *  bath  *  blow-drying  *  what kind of equipment to use  *  how often get your doodle to the groomer  *  what kind of grooming packages are there  *  how to find the right groomer, etc.

You'll get a better understanding of the causes of discomfort and you will be provided comfort measures for a pleasant grooming experience for all of you.