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Everything you need to know before you fly a drone in the US

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Publisher : Jasper Heyden

Course Language : English

Table of Contents:

- US air law: General principles, prohibitions, requirements for commercal drone operators, requirements for recreational drone operators, airspace structure, minimum weather conditions in airspaces, international civil aviation organisation (ICAO), aeronautical information publication, NOTAM (Notice to airman), photography and the law

- Meteorology: Fundamentals of meteorology, thermals and turbulences, effect of weather conditions on flight behavior

- Flight operation: At the job site, risk analysis and emergency planning for general missions, risk analysis for operations with increased risk potential, checklist for general missions

- Navigation: aerodynamics in surface aircraft, aerodynamics in coptern, altitude and distance estimation, system specific operating limits, GPS and radio connection, mobile apps

Bonus materials: frequently asked questions, local laws and regulations, Section 333 exemption

This course is for anyone who wants all information about drones flying in the USA. The knowledge is for future drone pilots as well as for beginners and also for the tourism which wants to fly drones in the USA. That Knowledge is important to avoid breaking laws or committing crimes.