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How to Prevent a Stroke

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Publisher : Chris Bankes Sivewright

Course Length : 2.5 hours

Course Language : English


In 2016 I suffered a mini-stroke. Since then I have been researching possible ways to reduce the risk of me getting a stroke - either mini or full-blown. Apparently up to 90% of strokes can be prevented with lifestyle changes.

This course is the result of my own research.

I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT medically qualified. I am NOT speaking on behalf of any organisation.

These lectures are simply my thoughts as I try and spread the word about risk factors. I am also trying to raise awareness - which is why sometimes the lectures may seem to contradict. This is to encourage discussion.

I triple stress: these lectures are just my own research. I am NOT giving out medical advice.

But i am trying to encourage people to think about their own risk and to seek medical advice where needed.

This course is free - and always will be - and if it encourages you to reduce your own risk then the lectures have been successful.

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone - as everyone is at risk, whatever your age!
  • 1. This is very much a course to try and minimise your chances of having a stroke. Therefore participants should have a willingness to learn and if necessary, change.
  • 2. Pass on the tips and ideas, thoughts and stories to elderly relatives and friends - or just remember them for yourself!
  • 3. Appropriate mindset. This course is not a loss leader. It is not a course that will suddenly have a price put on it. The course is free and there is one aim only: to help everyone minimise their chances of suffering from a stroke
  • 4. As there are links given in the lectures you should be able to use the internet - make sure you have anti-virus software that is up to date!
  • 5. Access to a PC